Plane Ritual (Self-care #2)

Flying is easy.

Staying hydrated throughout the flight? Not so much.

For those who fly out a lot and get dry skin, pimples or dark circles under your eyes, think no further. Planes have oxygen. They fly. In a sky where the oxygen is either non-existent, or where there is very little. Hint, that is why the windows don’t open. That, along with, perhaps, the deathly cold you would catch at a few thousand feet. Hence, the oxygen we breathe is constantly recycled, and if you fly for long distances at a time, the air gets saturated with other people’s things (think hair cells, skin cells, etc) that you breathe in, and that your skin absorbs. The water content of the air up high isn’t so great, which is often why you will feel thristy and dehydrated. In first and business class, they will generally offer you a hand cream and a body lotion to hydrate your body while flying long distance. But the creams are not necessarily what your body needs.

Indeed, we all have different skin, and I am sure you all own your own face cream, body lotion and hand cream that you swear by, and that you would never ever think about changing. That is great. Now, go into any store (Primark, Sainsburys, Tesco, Auchan, Wallmart, etc) and buy small containers that are plane friendly. Pour your favourite product into the container and bring it in the air with you.

Now, I’m about to share my little plane routine. Yes, you will look silly. Yes, people might stare. Right after they will shrug and go back to their lives. Why? Because in a plane, no one cares what you look like.

1) Remove all your makeup. You are in a plane. You do not need makeup. What you need to do is let your skin breathe so that it will not break into pimple land two days after you land. Makeup blocks out your pores, fills them. In the plane, you will add to that layer the extra not-so-fresh-oxygen and your skin will not thank you for it. Remove it all. No one cares.

2) Prep your skin. Once you’ve settled in, get ready to pamper yourself. We often forget to pamper ourselves at home because, well, we don’t have time. Or the energy. You are sitting on a plane. There is literally nothing better to do than self-care. So get yourself one of those cleansing facial wipes (I use Simple, but any will do) or, if you are lucky enough to be given a warm towel, use it. Wipe your face from the excess oil, pollution and what not. Feel that? It’s your skin thanking you.

3)Use a heavy mosturizer and slap it on your face. I use cocoa butter or shea butter or coconut oil. Anything natural (usually sold by Nature et Découvertes) that I have on hand (I switch every now and then) I will lather on. Heavily. Let it sit while your perform task 4.

4) Buy yourself one of those facial masks. They sell those at Sephora or in the big stores like Carrefour, Spinneys, and any body shop you know of. Put it on and live your life. I personnally will take a long nap with it, or watch a movie, read a book. I strongly suggest going to the bathroom before. You can walk around the plane with it, but it will look strange. Note, it is still all right. Again, it doesn’t matter what other people think. If they think anything at all. They probably are busy with their own business. Just like you.

Sephora face masks

Sephora face masks


5) Calm down. Nap, do breathing exercises, meditate if you’re able. How many times a week do you take me-time? Take it all now. Think about the fact that you are suspended in the air like a bird who doesn’t have any wings. It is pretty terrifying. Also thrilling. You’re in the sky! Wearing a face mask! And you don’t have to dread any skin rash! Breath-takingly amazing.

And then just take it off whenever you feel like it, mosturize again, and you will be ready for landing, with a fresh looking face, rested and clear. Your eyes will be significantly less bloodshot, your face won’t be as paper-thin to the touch, not to mention you will not feel like you travelled for hours!

Try it and tell me all about it!