The annoying vegans

It is so easy to close your eyes and imagine a perfect universe.

The fact is, you can create what you wish to see, and let yourself play make belief, but people will are always here to rain on your parade.

Today, those people are vegans.

Vegans are the worst.

They will nag at you and tell you all about the horrifying conditions of animals in our society whether other people want to hear it or not, and God, will they ever stop talking about animals?


I am a vegan.

I learn everyday more and more about the industry and the terrible things that we use animals for, and these are a few reasons why we can’t seem to stop talking about it.


  1. Die. Everyday, millions of animals (MILLIONS!!!!) die a horrible death. Each year, humans are responsible for 150 000 000 000 of deaths. That’s 5 000 sentient beings killed each time you take a breath. The argument against is that humans need animals to die for us to live.
    The truth is, we shouldn’t be alive. At least not to this extent. We used to make 2% of the population on Earth while animals used to make 98%. We have managed tor reverse it so that animals make 2% and we make the rest. Where are they all? Where are the 96% animals that should be somewhere on Earth? They’re dead. The proper term is extinct. Everyday we endanger dozens of species and every day two species disappear (read: kill). If we need meat to live, then we certainly don’t need as much as we are raising. But mostly, we don’t need meat to live a healthy, happy life. We’re just used to it. Throw in potatoes, meat and done, you’ve got yourself a meal. It’s easy. Convenient. Killing animals is convenient. However, a cow escapes from a slaughterhouse and watch as hundreds of people cry for justice, for the cow to be left alone. Isn’t that a little ironic? So, as long as you don’t see the walking dead, you don’t care how they end up on your plate?

( )


  1. It doesn’t do your health any good. Eating meat or dairy isn’t the way to go if you want to stay healthy. Ideally, 12oz of dairy is the amount a week that you should be consuming, if any at all. That’s a 1/3-cup. It doesn’t help with osteoporosis, on the contrary. The less dairy you eat, the better your bones will feel. It raises your IGF-1, which has been known to cause cancer. It’s also not a coincidence that 75% of people worldwide are lactose intolerant. They’re not intolerant, they’re normal. Dairy is fatty, full of cholesterol, and it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to a baby calf meant to grow to a full size cow. No dairy product is meant to help a kid grow into an adult. A baby cow is three times to size of a baby!


  1. They’re used for testing. Animals are shaved, prodded, cut open and then thrown into a pile of dead bodies after unsuccessful trials. Just a list of things tested on animals or have animal products : Plastic bags, tires, glue in musical instruments, fireworks, fabric softener, toothpaste, shampoo, conditionner, white sugar, post-it notes, condoms, Mars bars, pet food, contact lenses, diapers, and many other things. Some of the reasons vegans are upset is because we do not need to use animals for some (read: any) tests made to “help” humans. The thing is, these animals aren’t ours to take, kill or breed. They’re there for their own reasons.  ( )


  1. Some people assume that being human is a good enough reason to mass murder. But some also assume that some species are better than others. When asked, lots of people will tell you they find it unacceptable to test on chimps, but will find it perfectly acceptable to test on mice. The different is nowhere to be found. Mice are as valuable as chimps. They breathe, feel pain, and shouldn’t be tested on. Period. Why would a species be more important than another? Why is it acceptable? Isn’t it the same as saying you can’t rape a child but can rape an adult because of what they were wearing? Aren’t both as important? Isn’t it unacceptable in both cases? So because of a height difference the situation can be adapted? No.


  1. You can create fake wool, fake meat, fake egg, fake EVERYTHING. Vegans don’t miss much because we can find everything that you guys eat without the added death, carbon print, suffering and destruction of our planet. We do it for the animals, the environnement, many reasons. Why don’t you? Because it’s tasty? Because dead tissue is Yummy?


  1. It is unnecessary. You don’t love meat. Unless you eat meat raw, as it is, with the blood and guts, you don’t love meat in its natural state. How can it be natural for us to eat it if we can’t bear the raw taste of it? My guess is because they were never intended for us. Reach up, reach down, they are so many options of fruits, veggies, and even now vegan meat, milk, cheese, whatever your heart desires. You don’t need to kill animals to get your fix.


  1. Cows get raped, their kids get ripped away from you. Piglets are castrated. Chickens get their beaks cut. Male chicks get ground alive because they don’t matter. It goes on and on. All is done without anesthetics.


  1. We do enough destroying each other, why do we need to include animals in our path?


  1. We destroy the environnement, the best places on Earth, the lung of the planet, to grow feed for factory farms.


  1. Animals have no voices, but they have a capacity to feel pain. We can be their voice. We have to be.


  1. I used to get it. I don’t anymore.


But that isn’t even the only problem about veganism. The problem is that as you go, you gather information, you gather knowledge, you gather uncomfortable truths you try to tell other people about. And as you go, you are met with people who won’t listen, or care, or understand, or believe, and some of that you can’t do anything about. It brings you down and makes you angry, because you have the studies, the scientists, the knowledge with you, but sputter and cannot get the knowledge out as you get more and more uncomfortable because you understand, you can’t change everyone.

You can change a few, maybe. But you can’t change everyone.

And I can’t speak for everyone, but I cannot stop talking about veganism because I am outraged, and I want everyone to be on my side. Who doesn’t want to have everyone on their side?

I guess, I’m just trying to make the world a better place.

A place where we don’t kill, we don’t destroy.

A place where I can wake up and think,

“Maybe, someday, I’ll have children. I’ll show them the glaciers, the green grass, the Amazonian forest, the rhinos, the lions and other animals we didn’t exterminate in our quest for more more more more, and I’ll say, ‘Kids, this is our planet’, and be proud.”