Wiped LipStain, Live Arts




I have started to create a series of pictures that were inspired by my Live Art Module at the University of Exeter. Those are completely amateur and have no value whatsoever. I am just playing with the ideas mentionned in lectures.

This one is called Wiped LipStain.





The idea behind this series has to do with perfection, destruction and what makes people beautiful in our society. Smudging a symbol of beauty, of sex-appeal is powerful to me because many things seem to have to be perfect to be beautiful. Round fruits, red tomatoes, six pack abs, long curly hair etc. Having a lipstick stain across your face can be interpreted like a rebellion, like a mistake, or even like a painful fist. They are taken at different angles and with different expression, once again giving the possibility of being caught by surprise, taking the shot consciously, etc.



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