The Frozen Feminist power and The Elsa Project

After seeing Frozen (Disney) for the very first time, me and a thousand other girls could only think two things:

1) (Spoilers) How could Hans do that? The hair on the back of our necks tingled with hatred passion, and we were all so glad that Disney finally took on the task of portraying realistic evil men in their story. A nice, good-looking man looking for… love? Not exactly. Mental abuse and excess of power? More like it. Made you think about anyone you know? Yes? Perhaps because this was the first real depiction of mean people. Not a witch, not a bear, just a normal, bad human. Those run around a lot these days. And Hans was defeated by what… a girl? Speechless. Wave your feminist flags everyone, girls are rising to power. Can we sense the word equality in the air? Not yet, but we are making progress. This is what all little girls should be striving for, feeling enpowered by themselves and not by someone who can take away their worth in the snap of a finger. Not by sleeping in hopes a guy (who they’ve barely met) will come around and save the day with his manly strength. We work out, too. We’ve got strength.

And if Frozen taught me one thing about rejection, it’s that it’s neither the end of the world, nor is it a big deal. Sure, it stings, but in the end, you’re better off with someone who doesn’t say things like “if only there were someone out there who loved you”. Yes, Hans is not the greastest villain, he doesn’t have a great entrance, or a real evil song (but then again, no one can compete against Scar or Frolo’s solos), or a true evil plan than stand a chance. But he is an old butt. And he hurts a woman just because he can. Ring a bell? How about you turn on the TV and have a look at the state of things around the world. We got the short end of the stick here. But hey, we’re all about improving and following the path of… true love? Okay, Disney, you did not change that much. But it’s on the right track. Family drama, that’s what it’s all about.

2) How fast can I learn to create Elsa’s hairstyle? In my family, hair is an important topic. It needs to look good, all the time. Why? Because, well, we have the chance to have hair. And also, hair is amazing and can completely upgrade your look. My sister asked me if I could recreate the hair, and I thought, yes, I can probably do just that. So I did, and these are the result. I made several tries on my sister’s hair and mine, and came up with different results as her hair are dyed and shorted than mine.

This, everyone, is my twist on Elsa’s hairstyle. If anyone wants a demo or a step-by-step, I can make this happen. Just comment below and I will do my best.

I did this hairdo on my sister's head for Christmas 2014, inspired by Elsa's bun in Frozen (Disney)

Elsa's twist 2

Elsa’s twist 2

Elsa's twist 3

Elsa’s twist 3

Elsa's twist 3

Elsa’s twist 4

As you can probably tell, my sister’s picture is so much better because I could take the picture from far away. Living by myself makes my task more challenging. But who doesn’t like a challenge?

Anyway, that’s it for this one, hope you enjoyed it!


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