Hot Lemon and Water has been my first year resolution for 2015, and I have not been decieved.


I used to wake up and drink water, and then a green smoothie. I have recently realized that the myth of the hot lemon and water is, in fact, truly beneficial for our bodies. I have personally felt the changes, the slow awakening of my body as I sipped the lemon tea. Unlike green smoothies, that I like to drink cold, hot lemon water actually allows my brain to accept the smoothie/breakfast much better if I give it a little time to produce its effects. The hot beverage wakes up my organs much better than a deadly cold green smoothie. And in winter, who doesn’t want a warm tea the warm up when you have to leave the comfort of your warm, warm bed?

I tend to add a little honey, although the taste isn’t as bitter as I would have thought initially.

I would definitely recommend adopting this reflex, it will make a world of difference in your morning routine!


The greatest way to wake up (Self-care #1)

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